Goals, Mission & Core Values 2019-06-20T13:22:06+00:00


The name of this organization shall be “Raising David’s Tabernacle Ministries” (hereinafter named RDTM).


To awaken the church, worship the Almighty God, Equip the saints and send the called to win the lost.


A divinely empowered Army Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth in God’s Kingdom.


To love God and our neighbor as we mature in Christ Jesus, having fellowship with the Holy Spirit and walking in the original purpose of man’s creation.

Through restoring true worship in churches, evangelizing the world, living the life of the Cross as we wait for the coming of the Bridegroom.

RDTM shall be set on values and principles that is:

  1. Measured by God’s Word (Mirror),
  2. The Cross and the Message,
  3. Devout to Prayer,
  4. Relational (How God Values Man),
  5. Worship our Ultimate purpose,
  6. Christ-likeness (Adoption & Son-ship),
  7. Walking in the Light,
  8. Universality,
  9. True Faith,
  10. Fruitful Stewardship and
  11. Living Hope (Fulfillment of All).


The Objectives of the organization shall be;

  1. To raise an Army that worships God in Truth and in Spirit; this is the cardinal reason of the ministry, to raise a divine army that follows the order of the Holy Spirit, walk according to the Word of God and determined in every situation to live the life of True Worship to Jehovah God. (John 4:23-24)
  2. Taking Christ to hearts; the second goal of the ministry is to reveal Christ to people’s hearts, through unfolding God’s plan to the world which was hidden for ages. It is RDTM’s struggle for the church to grow and mature in Christ. (Colossians 1:27-29)
  3. To prepare the church Christ is taking; Christ is coming back to take a sanctified church (the prepared Bride Rev 19:7) without spot or wrinkle and thus RDTM is after presenting the church in the splendor of Christ. (Ephesians 5:26-27)