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SEE the Aged (STAP)

We are concerned and visionary Christians who have come together and wish to play significant and important roles in supporting, equipping and empowering the elderly persons in society living in extreme poverty. This programme is covered and supported by RAISING DAVID’S TABERNACLE MINISTRIES (RDTM)

SEE THE AGED is a programme run by David’s Tabernacle Ministries is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, Non-Tribalistic, Non-Discriminative, Faith based development organization.

VISION: We envision a society that can support, care, fight, resist and overcome poverty and any form of misery, among the elderly.

MISSION: To have concern, love and care, for the aged in communities.

VALUES: Respect to Humanity and Aspirations to Eternity.

MOTTO: Unite and see (support, equip & empower)


SEE THE AGED is engaged and looks forward to continue engaging in the fields described below.


a) Economic therapy and empowerment:

  • Creating employment opportunities by supporting economic activities of the old people and such as provision of agricultural seeds for backyard farming. Chicken and animals for rearing.
  • Looking for the markets. Economic activities are short, medium and priority is given to investments that are expected to give hope and opportunity to long life sustenance.
  • The economic activities are conducted by old people of ages between 55-70 years under strict support and guidance of SEE THE AGED Community Facilitators.
  • Providing information on opportunities for sustainable development by use of locally available resources

b) Public Health and sanitation:

  • Promoting Community health programmes through home based care and support to old people, ensuring a friendly environment for the aged.
  • Provision of basic medical facilities, clothings/beddings and foods for nutritional recovery to the aged,
  • Information dissemination on preventive measures to HIV/AIDS and related opportunistic diseases to the elderly.


  • Supply evangelistic materials e.g., bibles, Christian magazines and books, leaflets, etc for Life skills equipping.
  • Organize bible studies, prayer seminars, conventions and counseling services to the elderly.
  • Organizing Christmas parties and get together parties for old people
  • Mitigation and conciliation measures for conflict resolution, including general counseling services.


  • Advocacy and public information on care and spreads
  • Training of staff and volunteers on information transmission, awareness campaign in the local community
  • Encourage positive living among stressed people, especially those living in extreme poverty and infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS


  • Building Partnerships with Individuals, Associations, Charity Organizations Humanitarian Aid Agencies and other Organizations that support old people.
  • Organizing exchange visits and social activities for old people between communities to motivate their physical –social and mental abilities and provide links for local, national and International Corporation between individuals and elderly


  1. SEE THE AGED works with the grass root / local communities to deliver the services required and get valuable information in one or all the three thematic areas and publish it to the public or the community and the local authorities.
  2. Network through friends, churches and media houses to create awareness about SEE THE AGED community-Orientations with better standard of living and with resources to provide for the elderly.
  3. Mobilize all persons, clubs ,foundations, charities, NGOs and companies concerned with “human dignity and survival ability for older people”, to support, equip and empower the elderly in communities in extreme poverty and or affected with HIV/AIDS, for  economic & spiritual  empowerment .
  4. Play an intermediary role for all such organizations with similar or related objectives aimed at the betterment of the older people, locally and globally.


  1. To raise disciples with a passionate call to support and care for /help the aged in society.
  2. To support and empower older people, living in economically depressed areas of Uganda, through income generating activities establishments.
  3. To set people’s aspirations on eternity.


We operate in three districts of Luwero/Kampala, Masaka and Jinja.

At the rise of year 2017, we will be extending our programme in Eastern ,Central, Western and Northern  regions of  Uganda  establishing ,at least  one Community Enterprise Support Project (CESP) in one economically depressed area of each of these regions.

Physical Touch is a language to the Aged Destitutes need a stretched Hand When HOPE is restored JOY flow sponteneously